About Me

Dr. Mittman

Janet Mittman, Ed.D, LCMHC

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Please note that I am seeing clients via telehealth at this time.  It seems to work great for all modalities that I use, including EMDR, so I am currently working online only.  

My practice promotes the use of multiple methods and I try to learn what works best for the unique needs of each individual. Please see the “Psychotherapy Services” page for a list of the approaches I use.  I am interactive in the therapy process and I work in partnership with you to determine what is most effective.

Prior to counseling, my academic background included a masters degree in the sociology of education at Columbia University and an interdisciplinary doctorate at the University of Massachusetts. The studies and research involved multiple disciplines including psychology, philosophy, sociology and the study of creativity.  The focus was an exploration of healing and change practices for individuals and communities.

I have over twenty years of experience working with multicultural individuals in a variety of relevant areas including psychotherapy, counseling, advising, teaching, human services and facilitation of experiential workshops.

I am also a former certified Kripalu yoga teacher with 10+ years experience. Kripalu yoga is an inward-directed practice centered in self-acceptance and awareness. All of this experience has deeply influenced my treatment approach.

In addition to the various conventional therapeutic approaches I use, I am committed to strengthening body/mind integration and building clients’ self-acceptance. Overall, I believe that acceptance, compassionate understanding, and the ability to be present are most important for healing and change.


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